About J Prep

J Prep is a liberal arts afterschool program offered to students who attend top schools in Tokyo and its vicinities. J Prep was founded in 2012 by Jun Saito, a former assistant professor of political science at Yale University. Though new as a school, J Prep is rapidly expanding. The faculty members are highly qualified, ranging from an Ivy graduate to PhD candidates and holders. The school’s goal is to use high quality English training as a means to widen the perspective of the students. In the long run, it ultimately aims to better the overall quality of the Japanese educational system from bottom up, rather than merely teaching conversational English or preparing for entrance exams in Japan. As all the faculty members have lived outside Japan, they understand the importance of English as a communication device. In addition, for the same reason, J Institute’s work environment is not confined by the traditional Japanese corporate culture. It is committed to transparency and contentment of its employees.